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Make sure that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned. Leftover oils and grounds will impart strange flavors.
If you don’t start with quality beans, you shouldn’t expect quality coffee in the cup.
This also applies to the water that you use to prepare the coffee.
Grind your coffee immediately before brewing.
Make sure that the grind of the coffee matches your method and tastes.
Use the right amount of coffee. A good index is 2tbsps for each 6oz cup of coffee.
Warm your mug before pouring the coffee in; this keeps the coffee hot longer.
Before serving, stir the coffee. Heavier oils and inconsistent extraction will cause differences in the consistency of the coffee.
If you are making more than you intend to drink, store the coffee in a thermos. The burner or warmer slowly heats the brewed coffee, destroying its flavor.
After going through all of this work, take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Don’t gulp, savor!

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