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Let’s start with the fact that coffee is one of the most celebrated drinks worldwide. Until recently, many coffee suppliers gave you very few alternatives for your daily cup of Joe, but nowadays, the gourmet coffee industry is growing impressively. Today’s coffee connoisseur has the opportunity to become even more

sophisticated because coffee can be found in a variety of strengths, flavors, and combinations. Gourmet coffee is
no longer just a rare treat, but it is quite common for the average coffee lover to consume for any occasion.

Gourmet coffee is defined as a regular coffee that has been enhanced with compatible flavors to improve the taste and aroma. The basic texture, taste, and aroma of the coffee are still there, but it may have a hint of specialized flavorings or unique coffee beans from various coffee growing regions. These flavor variations make a serious difference in the final taste of the brew by using specific coffee beans from diverse areas of the world grown in differentiating elevations and climates to create a unique combination.

Our range in Gourmet beverages include:

Particulars Rate
Brazilian Santos
Spirited, succulent, and sophisticated.
Available on Request
Hawaii Kona coffee
A coffee that delivers the spirit of the Kona coast of Hawaii, among the most beloved blends.
Available on Request
Sumatra Mandheling
Full and concentrated. this coffee offers slightly earthy herbal blend richness.
Available on Request
Columbian Supreme
Rounded, sweet, and full bodied, accompanied by rich berry tones and accented by walnut notes.
Available on Request
Costarica Tarrazu
Deep with exceptional acidity, this coffee is full-bodied with a distinct flavor.
Available on Request
Gautemela Antigua
Aromatic with a medium balance. A coffee of energetic acidity smoothed with spice and chocolate accents
Available on Request
Jamaican Blue mountain
It’s a combination of gentleness and deep, vibrant power.
Available on Request
Kenyan AA
A tangy and lingerly floral medium-bodied coffee of siren aromas and unique tastes.
Available on Request
Euthiopian Yirgacheffe
Bright, medium- to light-bodied coffee with winy, berry undertones, distinct floral tones in the aroma, an intense and complex flavor that is clean and flowery, and a vibrant finish.
Available on Request
Sulawesi Kalosi
A rare blend with a unique depth and complexity. Hinted with nutty earth notations, completed with a rich full body.
Available on Request
Bababudan High Hills
A full bodied and aromatic blend characterized by its distinct sweet and balanced flavor.
Available on Request
Mysore Royale Gold
Medium bodied, balanced flavor and provides you with a vibrant type of satisfaction.
Available on Request
Organic Kaapi
Made from the fullest bodied organic coffees of chikmagalur and coorg, this intensifying blend is balanced an announced.
Available on Request
Café Classic
Specially blended to create a full-bodied, robust coffee with a snappy taste and great aroma. Sold exclusively at Bangalore’s hot spot Cafés.
Available on Request
Premium Gold
An espresso blend roasted past French Roast to temper any acidity and bring forth that coveted balanced richness. Deep and darkly flavorful in the cup.
Available on Request
Wild Civet
Very scarce and rare. Collected from the area of wild cats.
Available on Request
Malgudi Coffee
A Hotel blend with a perfect mix of chicory
Available on Request
Madras Coffee
A blend well suited for south Indian Homes
Available on Request
Signature Coffee
Preferred Coffee for the Connoisseurs
Available on Request