LakshmiBrooke Coffee Hosts Ltd.

  • 20 Years of successful track record
  • All India Network
  • 60 variants of beverages
  • 2200+ Customers
  • Fleet of over 4000 machines
  • Dispenses over 1 million cups of coffee & tea a day
  • The Largest Vending Solutions Provider in the country
  • Quality Certifications from
  • All kinds of Machines – Indian & Italian, Premix & Fresh Ground,
    Automatic & Semi-Automatic
  • 24/7 service delivery in Bangalore
  • 24/7 helpline Toll Free: 9880 999 999
  • Forerunner to achieve ISO 9001:2000 quality certification
  • Single Window Supply
  • Breakdown maintenance within 90 minutes
  • All consumables are CFTRI tested
  • Qualified & Trained Service Engineers

LakshmiBrooke, India’s largest café vending host

Every day, over 5 lakh office goers awaken their senses to the rich and sensual experience of our fresh beverages. At , we are not just the leader in vending solutions by volume alone. True our 4000 plus installations make us India’s largest. But our range, dynamism, service and international affiliations make us the number one choice for corporates as well as retail businesses.

Passsion is the key factor of our success

LaBrookes is India's leading manufacturer of coffee vending machines as well as a marketer of top-of-the-line Italian espresso machines. The company designs, produces and markets automatic vending machines for hot, cold beverages and snacks for household and professional use.

Set up in 1996, LaBrookes has grown successfully over the years to become a group with a strong international orientation and a leadership presence across all Indian cities. LaBrookes has combined its considerable innovative capacities with an exceptional ability to understand and anticipate the market's requirements. Research and development efforts allow maintaining a high level of innovation, which generates consistent impact on the market. In addition, a strategic distribution system is aimed at guaranteeing widespread presence, both in terms of distribution as well as after-sales technical assistance.

Fresh from farm to shelf

LakshmiBrooke is involved in every aspect of the coffee making process - growing coffee, grading, roasting, blending, packing and eventually marketing of value-added coffee and tea products. Roasting is done in state-of-the-art German Probat Roasters while the HACCP Certification is carried out in its own production units. LakshmiBrooke’s coffee estates are located in ideal coffee growing highlands of Chickmaglur, with fertile soils and invigorating climate.

One-stop shop vending solutions

Our mission statement encapsulates our strategy

  • To be simply the best in the market where we have chosen to operate.
  • To establish the principle of partnership with customers, suppliers at all levels.
  • To lead in quality, service, innovation and value for money.
  • To respect and contribute to social and environmental matters, in the communities where we operate.

“Our success is distinguished by our daily commitment to innovation and the search for quality. We continue our journey down this path in order to strengthen our leadership role as well as increase our presence in the markets” - Anel Kumar M K , Managing Director.

  • 24/7 Services Support
  • Toll free Customer Care facility
  • Breakdown maintenance under 90 minutes
  • Customized Cups. Daily technician visit
  • Monthly fumigation & Cockroach free Machines
  • Diet & Sugar free Variants
  • Monitoring support - Stocks and Consumables. Wide
  • range to beat the monotony with over 60 variants
  • Submission of periodical consumption reports

  • Maintenance of feedback Register
  • Double Refined Sugar as against Regular Sugar
  • Air-tight Boxes for Tea Bags
  • All Single Serve Sachets. No Powders in pet Jars
  • Sugar free & Damera Sugar (Unbleached & Sulphur free) for Diet conscious
  • Vending Bases for placing the Machines
  • Standby spare Machines
  • Refrigerator to store the Milk
  • The Last 4 points are subject to negotiation

Our Company’s enduring commitment to food safety and quality assurance is rooted in our vision and values and are designed to ensure that our food products meet stringent quality and safety specifications.

At labrookes, our R&D facility is working to promote Health and Wellness Trends by:

– Making Healthier Foods for Healthy Lifestyles
– Healthy New Products
– Making Better Nutrition a Priority

Our food safety accomplishments include:

Exceeding our quality improvement goals for production processes and raw material sourcing Expanding our quality management system throughout our supply chain.

Our employees are the Company’s greatest asset. We are dedicated to ensuring their dignity, health and safety on the job while providing competitive wages and equal opportunity. LaBrookes is also committed to the sustainable health of consumers who trust our Company to provide safe, high-quality, great tasting, nutritious foods. Finally, we continue to build on our enduring legacy of being a good corporate citizen in the communities where we operate.

Veiw one of our recent voluntary art promotion initivatives:

Proven Expertise

  • Largest market share, with over 5000 installations
  • Extensive experience dealing with multi-unit clients
  • A logistical process perfected over 14 years
  • Centralized dispatch base & service support


  • Easy-to-use machines ideal for busy locations
  • Push button machines offer absolute consistency
  • User-friendly displays reduce training time


  • LaBrookes machines are easy to maintain due to their modular construction
  • All components are accessible without removing other parts. Uniformity of components allows our existing service network to support new models


  • We have the best reliability record in the industry
  • 24-hour, toll-free hotline gives you access to dedicated help at all times
  • A large network of service centers allows us to provide clients with same day service all the time.
  • Our central database tracks every machine we sell and service support is centrally dispatched
  • Hygiene is given top priority at LaBrookes. From carefully selected suppliers of branded consumables and dispensing equipment, only the freshest Serviceability ingredients go into our beverages.